Bespoke BABOR Facial                                                                               60 minutes                                                           £40.00

After a thorough skin analysis using BABOR’s unique rich vitalizing mask, your therapist will create your very own bespoke facial for results you can both see and feel. Wonderful massage techniques optimise the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients.

 HSR® Lifting – Extra Firming*                                                               60 minutes                                                            £55.00

Lifting Integral Complex tackles the three main causes of wrinkle formation, resulting in a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The lifting and firming effect re-defines facial contours and gives a renewed youthful appearance to the complexion.

*All BABOR Special Collection Facials* have a unique individual treatment set.  Any remaining product is yours to take away.

DOCTOR BABOR Collagen Booster                                                       60 minutes                                                              £55.00

This intense treatment uses Collagen Booster Fluids, Collagen Booster Cream and an impregnated marine collagen fleece mask. This fusion of ingredients combine to restructure the network of collagen fibres, protect collagen and elastin fibres from premature degradation and firms and plumps the skin from the deep layers of the skin.

DOCTOR BABOR Purity Cellular                                                            45 minutes                                                               £45.00

A course of treatments for skin with acute blemishes and impurities. It works by calming the skin, restoring pH balance, and improving the visual appearance of blemishes. Results are achieved by combining with appropriate homecare products.

DOCTOR BABOR Neuro-Sensitive Cellular Treatment

**Suitable for atopic dermatitis or Eczema skins                           45 minutes                                                             £45.00

The calming treatment reduces the sensitivity and dryness of the skin, restoring the skin’s natural defences. Neuro-sensitive products reduce irritation and redness significantly with long lasting effects. The Uncomfortable sensations of tightness and itching are relieved immediately, leaving a smooth, soft and supple appearance of the skin.

A course of 4 treatments is advised over a period of 8 weeks for:

  • extremely dry
  • flaky and itchy skin or as skincare for atopic dermatitis during symptom-free periods

 DOCTOR BABOR whitening cellular treatment                                45 minutes                                                               £45.00

A course of treatments to help achieve more even pigmentation, improve skin tone and counteract melanin formation on two levels. The skin is visibly lightened and existing hyperpigmentation is reduced, for a flawlessly clear complexion and glowing skin.

A course of 8 treatments is advised over a period of 6 weeks

DOCTOR BABOR Skin Renewal Treatment                                           45 minutes                                                              £45.00

A 30% peeling System containing natural glycolic and AHA acids ensures skin exfoliation which cause dead skin cells to peel and flake off – allowing healthy skin regrowth. AHAs also work to counteract signs of ageing beneath the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Ensuring skin regeneration for the following skins:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles and skin lacking in radiance
  • Blemished and acne skins
  • Enlarged pores
  • Pigmentation marks and disorders and irregularities

A course of 4 Treatments is advised over a period of 8 weeks.